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A Little About Us

Blackhawk Aerial Systems LLC is a Drone / Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) and team that is family owned and minority owned. Our standards are high and we’re committed to quality control and assurance methods that keep them that way. At Blackhawk Aerial Systems LLC, we raised the bar for drone and unmanned air vehicle services by building a professional, focused, and highly responsive company.

What You Should Know

Blackhawk Aerial Systems LLC, having recently gained exemption for Drone / UAV operations from the FAA, is prepared to provide you with unwarranted service. Serving industries ranging from oil & gas to construction to various media outlets, we are prepared to serve your company with our team of the most professional operators. With our highly experienced team, we ensure that safety comes first.

Our Services

Typically utilized by utility, oil & gas, or petrochemical companies, we are capable of providing you with this groundbreaking technology.


Safety & Compliance

Our team is certified and approved for flight by the FAA

BlackHawk Aerial Systems LLC is a professional, certified, and insured business that utilizes custom high quality Drone/Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) equipment. BlackHawk Aerial Systems has been granted full approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Section 333 Exemption which allows us to operate our Drone/UAVs in any situation. Please review our FAA approval letter here for additional information.

Additionally, a certified pilot operates all Drones/UAVs at all times which is mandated by the FAA and under Section 333 Exemption rules. BlackHawk Aerial Systems LLC performs pre-flight equipment inspections as well as pre-flight condition inspections as safety or people and property is our main concern. A thorough inspection of all equipment is conducted following each flight.

We also comply with Federal Aviation Regulation 91.13 for sUAS as specified the National Transportation Safety Board. We voluntarily follow the Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration’s, proposed Operation and Certificate of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM).

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Blackhawk Aerial Systems LLC
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Email: bhas@blackhawkaerial.net
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